2 Jos Creative

Helping people harness the power of Social Media.

We are so glad you joined us!

A few months ago, Mary Jo and I sat down to daydream.  Strange things happen when two long time friends day dream.  Pads of paper and writing utensils spilled out of purses onto a table full of half drank cappuccinos.  We started making a list (as most busy moms like to do) about all the things we have always loved about working.  We made another list of all the great qualities we admire in our “best of the best” class of bosses.  And yet another list of what would we do with time, a couple of bucks, an office space and two computers.

What we learned from that exercise (besides having graduated from cappuccinos to pints of beer) is that we both absolutely love helping people discover their strengths and tapping into that to make a difference in their lives.

So how does one Jo with 20+ years sales experience in the printing industry and another Jo with 20+ years in marketing blend the two together?  With a great deal of creativity and gumption.  On that pad of paper, complete with lipstick smudges and beer stains, we designed a company that helps people discover their strengths and use the marketing power of Social Media to develop and grow those strengths.

Why Social Media?

First, because it’s a ton of fun!  Why create a new company where you can’t have fun with it?  Second, because it is the fastest growing advertising and marketing outlet around.  And as a marketing professional, I can’t pass that up.  There’s alot of ways to use Social Media, and we owe alot to our kids for developing a platform that we business people can exploit and use to grow our little itty bitty companies into thriving organizations.  Social Media can’t do that for a company alone – but it sure can make a difference!